1. "I am an incurable believer."
    — Gayle D. Erwin

  2. This is the first entry
    I leave now to sleep with lions
    and dance with the lepers.


  3. "Wilderness is an idea as much as a place, with modern man learning to pass like the shadow of a cloud across what he did not make and cannot improve."
    — Gilbert M. Grosvernor (1875-1966

  4. Maimed

    I’m just medicating in front of people
    and they find it difficult to stomach.
    It’s not the blood, or
    stringent blood that plummets
    from my intestines but
    and awestruck they will stare
    and strain
    to see a man they thought incredible
    incredibly maimed  


  5. "This starry night,
    The blue of seas
    Are lifted off the ground
    So poised and still,
    The figures hold
    That I will not be found"
    — Jesse Ribordy

  6. "They will see us as fools
    and we will see them as foolish
    and they will see us as with red
    and we will treat them with goodness.”


  7. Worse, myself

    There’s a transcendental meaning to all of this, and exhaustion is simply the beginning to understanding it.
    We’re not made perfectly down here, but our parts were made to perfectly fit together, and that’s enough for me.
    I think that after all of this drifting, I’m more than driftwood, more than rubble, and more than a bundle of firewood for use later in the evening.
    I’m still figuring out where to begin my search for what IS there, and despite my confusion I am always aware of everything at once, which confuses me.
    Serious inquiries scare me, and I’m never quite up for the task of responding to them, and yet I’m always rising above something.
    To be caught in the paradigm is the worst of my fears, and confinement means resignment, which may enter into reassignment, and my friends are still homeless, homosexuals, who are dependent on things that destroy them and I am no better, and no worse, myself.


  8. In my dreams I see a plethora of bodies, 
    they’re all lying against the grain.
    I see a spindle in deconstruction.
    One flimsy, whimsical, support beam wrapped in time and being un-spun by it’s Maker. 


  9. When we die

    There are holes the size 

    Of the things we fear

    Have been left behind

    ~Jesse Ribordy


  10. I was learning about the stars

    and fixing a broken toaster-oven

    while my father and my mother argued loudly in the

    other room.