1. Remember, when you let go of the earth and spread your wings… remember to breath as you go down. If you can’t breath as you descend, you won’t know how to breath when you ascend. 


  2. Electrical lungs can’t hold back a beautiful beat. 


  3. All the things that drown me just make me want to breath. 


  4. When we die

    There are holes the size 

    Of the things we fear

    Have been left behind

    ~Jesse Ribordy


  5. "Maybe someone, somewhere along the way hit you really hard in the head and that’s why you’re so stupid."

    ~me giving someone the benefit of the doubt


  6. I was learning about the stars

    and fixing a broken toaster-oven

    while my father and my mother argued loudly in the

    other room.


  7. I wonder where your creases are

    and if they coincide with mine

    And if our synchronized avoidance

    is a sign of being fine.