1. mistynights


  2. "Everyone needs to stop having houses because they obstruct the sunsets and the sunrises and I don’t like that."
    — M.M.P.

  3. "Be glad, thou sleeper and thy sorrow of cast. I am the gate to all good adventure."
    — That Hideous Strength - C.S. Lewis
  4. [Concrete jungles] ~ Plano, Tx.

  5. CO. | 2014

  6. A D V E N T U R E S


  7. "I am an incurable believer."
    — Gayle D. Erwin

  8. This is the first entry
    I leave now to sleep with lions
    and dance with the lepers.


  9. "Wilderness is an idea as much as a place, with modern man learning to pass like the shadow of a cloud across what he did not make and cannot improve."
    — Gilbert M. Grosvernor (1875-1966

  10. Maimed

    I’m just medicating in front of people
    and they find it difficult to stomach.
    It’s not the blood, or
    stringent blood that plummets
    from my intestines but
    and awestruck they will stare
    and strain
    to see a man they thought incredible
    incredibly maimed